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2 months with great teacher Edil. 에딜선생님과함께한 두달

I learnt a lot of thing during my class with T Edil about English even I will not take IELTS exam.

I learnt a lot of vocabulary  which is really helpful for me to enhance my English proficiency.In addition, she  is really kind and she has a good ability to teach English faithfully. As a result, i have a big improvement during the class and I supposed to speak English fluently using useful vocabulary,   phrases and idioms as a real IELTS review such as answering part 1 2 and 3 as well as paraphrasing. She always help me to answer if i don’t have any ideas.

However, I’m really sad because i want to study English with her, but I’m going to Finland for future. When i came back to Korea i will continue my class with her.

I hope she will be happier in teaching IELTS and now i’m really happy that I achieved my dream to study in Finland.I really thank her and recommend to the students who want to study English.


My one of the best teacher Edil.

Thank you so much. I hope see you again on June.

Have a great day!!





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