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I`m Teacher Eden. I graduated in Ateneo de Davao University with a degree in English Language and Literature. After graduating, I pursued education and decided to earn education units in University of Mindanao. I worked as an ESL Teacher in one of the language centers in Davao City for a while. Then, I had to leave to prepare for the board exam for teachers. Now that the exam is over and the result is out, I`m back to teaching. I`m excited to share my knowledge to my students and learn together.

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I'm Teacher Yz. I have been an online English tutor for almost seven years now.I used to be a classroom English teacher,including 4 years of teaching middle-school students in California, USA.I had lived for over 9 years in the US and is married to a native speaker.I enjoy seeing my students grow and improve their English skills,and I am always willing to help them achieve their language goals.

My name is Socsy and I have been teaching English for 7 years now.

Before I discovered my passion for teaching, I worked as an accounting staff and a freelance writer.

I decided to shift careers because I wanted to seriously pursue writing as a profession.

It was then that I realized I also have a knack for teaching. I have been teaching English since then.

I still write during my spare time, but being an ESL teacher is now a huge part of who I am.

Hi. I am Teacher Leislie. I’ve just realized that I have been teaching Koreans for more than a decade now. Those were long wonderful years. I think my passion in everything I do made me last in this industry. I am currently a civil servant but I just cannot give up teaching. I love learning many things and meeting people. When I don’t have work, I enjoy traveling a lot. I have a big heart for humanitarian activities too. In fact, it is one of the reasons why I decided to work with Cooperazio

Hi! I am Lenmary . I have been teaching ESL for 3 years now. I love teaching, so despite its complexity, I make sure that students in my class do not only learn but also enjoy the process of learning. In my perspective, learning English as a second language could be made easier through application of the rules. I am very much willing to help students to improve their English skills by imparting my knowledge to them. 

Good Day! I’m May C. Disomangcop an ESL Instructor in SuperEnglish for almost 3 years now. I’ve been teaching Korean students for the past 14 years and I can say that teaching is my passion. I teach writing, speaking, vocabulary and general English to students. I encountered different kinds of students in all ages and different levels as well. I can say that I’m a patient teacher as I have stayed on this business for quite long. Teaching can be stressful but I love my job and I enjoy teach

Hi I'm Tess! Nothing makes me happier than knowing a student of mine achieved his/her target score. Excellent!

Hi! My name is Teacher Teress. I have been teaching ESL for more than a year now. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication Major in Journalism. Through my major, I developed a passion in writing and public speaking and I aim to share that passion to my students. My interests include watching movies, reading books and travelling.

Hello, I’m Teacher Juneva. I took up Bachelor of Arts in English. During mytime in college, I was able to enhance my English language skills by writing critiques and short stories, reading significant texts, both technical and literary, and delivering reports in front of the class. I am very keen on helping my students improve their English language skills. Also, I always try to answer student’s queries as comprehensive as I can.


Hello! I'm Jo Anne. I graduated from University of Philippines in Diliman with the degrees of Economics and Philosophy. I used my academic background to be employed as an associate Professor in a community college, where I have been employed for the last 13 years. Aside from that, I have been teaching English for Secondary Language for almost five years and IELTS for three years online. I love to teach all kinds of students. They motivate me to become a better educator.

Hi! I'm Gem . Learning should be fun and interesting, however, student performance should be the top priority. Quality education is what I aim for. I want to share my knowledge and skills. Let's learn English with fun!

Hello everyone, I`m Teacher Maric,I`ve been teaching for a few years now and I`ve come across people with different levels of English communication skills. Thus,teaching English is one of the things I loved the most. It cannot only give me the opportunity to impart my knowledge to others but also enjoy knowing somebody’s culture . I believe that more chances of a student to speak up in the class is the foremost and effective way to learn since an opportunity to be heard and be corrected are th

My name is Dhen and I have been teaching English for more than 3 years now, both online and offline. It is my passion to educate, guide and help learners as they aspire to achieve their dreams. I would love to share my knowledge and skills to assist every student towards their growth and development in the target language.

My name is Hazel. I graduated from Central Philippine University and I took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I love reading novels during my free time. I want to impart my knowledge to those who need it most and learn from my student as well. I love communicating with my students so I dedicate my time in order for them to learn a lot.

I`m Kimberley Jane Cruz, 24 years old. I`m the only child of my parents. I graduated at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila in 2012 with a degree of BS in Nursing. I didn`t pursue this field because of the surplus of nurses during my time. I am now taking up my second degree, which is Optometry, in CEU. In my spare time, I enjoy playing android games or listening to music. I also love to read. I read anything; from junk food wrappers to online articles, you name it. But I really love reading mangas

I used to work for the business process outsourcing industry for several years and for a government health agency.Teaching English language has been utterly rewarding for me. More than teaching, it`s about learning too. As the saying goes, `for one who dares to teach never cease to learn.` Life is a continuous process of learning; life is fun, challenging, and worth living no matter what the consequences are because we have been gifted with the necessary talents and abilities to work with whatev

Well, I am just a simple person who has her life planned already, and an optimistic one. I am also a happy person. I always think that there are millions of reasons to smile than just to be sad. I love sharing that happiness to other people and that makes me a talkative and funny girl (but only to those I feel comfortable to be with). I love music, it`s a part of my life already. I also love reading books but not reference books. Teaching is not really my first choice but I learned to love it du

Hi! My name is Franz. Teaching has always been my passion. I enjoy interacting with different kinds of people. My hobbies include watching movies and documentaries, reading various types of literature, and singing. I believe that I am well-equipped in teaching the language at any level due to my training at my school and the various teaching experiences I have had. It is easy for me to adjust to any level of proficiency, from Beginner students, Intermediate, up to Advanced learners. I under

I am Anna Carmela Beatrice Nieva but you can call me Kara for short. I am 26 years old. I love watching cartoons and coloring books during my free time. I love teaching. It is my passion to educate young minds. It gives me a great fulfillment whenever students learn from me. I do believe that you can achieve anything you want, if you put your heart and mind to it.
My name is Risse. I’ve been teaching English since 2009. I also manage a business in the wellness industry, as I always find passion in helping others. Why do we need to learn English? We have a natural thirst to be able to communicate and interact with people of any race or culture without stumbling for words, getting nervous, right? We apply a very effective approach to learning so that you know how to speak well like a native speaker. Don’t worry you will learn it too. I`m looking forward
Hello and good day! My name is Venie. I studied engineering and worked too as an engineer for two companies. Currently, I am enjoying my role as a stay-at-home mother for my young daughter. Aside from being a mom, I enjoy learning about physics, positive psychology, meditation and other non-conventional knowledge. Learning has been a very important part of my life.I sincerely hope that I can be a part of your learning experience and help you achieve your goals for studying the English Language.
My students call me Apple and I have 14 years of experience in the teaching industry. My energy and passion in teaching, combined with patience and flexibility, ensure the best possible quality education for students. I believe that all students can learn and that methodologies and teaching styles can be differentiated to better suit the learners. Learning English would be a breeze and with dedication, we can work together towards your desired IELTS band score.

I am highly professional, result driven teacher. I have a ten year experience teaching English as a second language to a wide variety of students encompassing diverse backgrounds and learning needs. I have a degree in Bachelor of Arts in English major in Linguistics, Mass Media and Literature. I have also completed all academic requirements for a degree in Masters of English in Applied Linguistics.
I am an educator for almost 8 years now and I must say that my experiences dealing with learners from almost all walks of life with different personalities and learning needs has helped me a lot to excel in my chosen field. With that, I am confident to say that my expertise in this field will help me reach the desired goals of my future students-to-be in your company.

>Hello. I am Teacher Clare. Teaching is an enjoyable and rewarding profession. Both student and teacher go through the process of learning and learn from each other. I am most happy to be of help to my students and part of their learning experience here at Super English.
I`m Teacher Eden. I graduated in Ateneo de Davao University with a degree in English Language and Literature. After graduating, I pursued education and decided to earn education units in University of Mindanao. I worked as an ESL Teacher in one of the language centers in Davao City for a while. Then, I had to leave to prepare for the board exam for teachers. Now that the exam is over and the result is out, I`m back to teaching. I`m excited to share my knowledge to my students and learn together.
Hello! My name is Trixia. I am a friendly and outgoing person. Let me be your teacher here at Super English. I know that learning a new language is not easy. It could be full of struggles. You’ll need a lot of practice too. That is why I am here for you. As your online coach, I will make the time you spend with me worth your while. Our sessions will be fun and interactive. We can discuss anything under the sun. Join me now and I will help you improve in speaking in English. See you in class!
23 years old born and raised in the Philippines. I don’t have a wide range of skills and talents, but I believe not having these traits would not hinder anyone from being capable of doing stuffs they love. For me, I love to sing despite the fact that I am not actually a good singer. Singing makes me express my emotions and listening to music brings out memories in me - both good and bad. Listening to music takes me to different places and time. I am also fond of cooking dishes for the family,
Hi there! My name`s Jolette. I am a licensed teacher and a nurse however I prefer teaching that`s why I`m here. I really love teaching students everything I know about English because I believe that language difference should not be a barrier for us to hear about your wonderful opinions. I believe that every student has the capacity to be better with the right attitude and the right teacher. I don`t mind getting out of my way to help you, however you as a student should help yourself first. It t
I am a fast learner and I can work with grace under pressure. I am always willing to learn new things. I am also dependable to work with and I'm flexible to change. I believe that a positive attitude can always create a better working environment.
Hi there! Teacher Marj is what my students call me. 2004 is the year that I realized teaching brings forth satisfaction in my life. Thirteen years has passed but my passion for teaching hasn't fizzled as teaching is what I do best, so looking forward to seeing the success of my students in their chosen field with my help .
I love to assist others in every situation and will always find ways to make life easier for others. I inspire confidence in other people and move them into action. I am extremely affable and value relationships above most things.
I have been teaching English to Korean students for almost eighteen years now. My way of teaching revolves around writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening.While I was working as an ESL instructor, my tasks involved planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a range of classes and age groups. I also prepared and set tests, examination papers and exercises not only to students but my fellow co-teachers as well.Moreover, I have written two grammar books, focusing on Verb Tenses
I am a professional licensed teacher with TESOL certification. In my years of teaching English to non-native students, I have developed the skill to engage the class in a diverse way.

Teacher Anna is an extremely dedicated teacher who goes the extra mile to make sure that her students learn only in the best way possible. Her humour is one of her greatest assets and she likes to make classes fun and informative at the same time!
Hi! My name is Jen. I've been teaching ESL to Korean learners -children and adults- for several years. I truly enjoy teaching English. It is my passion! I take pleasure in sharing my knowledge to English learners.

My name is Katrina Villegas. I am a licensed Pharmacist in profession and I am currently on a break from medical school. I am an art and life enthusiast. I like to spend my free time traveling, diving or visiting art museums.
Hi! I am Maria Rita A. Sayson. I have a degree of bachelor of Arts in Communication. I like to teach English because as I am teaching I can also learn a lot of things. That is what I like about teaching, it is a two-way process.
It`s a great pleasure to learn online tutoring. It could be a big challenge for me but I am confident that it would be a promising and rewarding experience. I am a mother of one. My son is in the law school, on his 3rd year proper. My former boss told me that I am a versatile teacher because I can be assigned in any department and can teach subjects like English, Music, Arts and Drama, etc. I consider teaching as a passion more than a profession. My wide experience as a teacher for
My name is Hopner but most people call me "Hop". I love watching American TV series and Korean dramas aside from all kinds of films. I also enjoy mountain climbing, travelling and dining out with my friends and family. I always seek new adventures and learning opportunities and take great pride in my personal and professional achievements.
My name is Precious. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. I am currently taking up a Master's Degree majoring in Special Education. I am a teacher and I believe in Dr. Seuss's aphorism: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” I assert that every student is born with potentials, and as teachers, we will turn potentiality to reality.

My name is Angeli and I am a licensed physical therapist and a teacher as well. I've worked in the BPO industry for more than 3 years and I've been teaching English online for more than 3 years as well.
Peoples first impression about me is that I'm a snub unapproachable and strict but as I often say first impression fools. I'm a very friendly and patient person. I like to share what I have with other people especially the knowledge and skills that I have gained from my past work experiences. I'm also open to learning new things since I believe only the dead stops learning.
Hi! I am Love Joy. My friends call me LJ but you may also call me Love. I bake and cook. I also read a lot. I like studying. Thus, I am planning to take my Masters in Asean Management. I also have further plans to study Theology. I love the English language. It has been a portal for me and has given me great joy and comfort. Each time I open a book, I see every word vividly come to life because of this language that I teach. I look forward to having you as my student.
I have been working in the hospitality industry for more than 8 years and with this I have gained a lot of experiences that helped me developed my skills and grow more as a professional and as an individual. I am an efficient and effective worker who can deliver an excellent result.