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아이엘츠 스피킹족보 9-12월(2019) (IELTS Speaking) 7. Describe a time that you looked for information from the internet

아래 아이엘츠 스피킹족보 9-12월(2019)은 영국 아이엘츠 스피킹 시험관의 첨삭을 거친 답안입니다.

아이엘츠 스피킹 시험에 도움이 많이 되셨으면 댓글 많이 달아주세요^^

아이엘츠 스피킹 Part 2

7. Describe a time that you looked for information from the internet.

You should say:

When it happened

What you were looking for

Where you were searching on the internet

And how you felt about the information.


 As you know, we are now all living in an era where the internet has become part and parcel of our daily life as people use it for various purposes; one of which is to search for information.


A couple of months ago, I accidentally deleted a folder on my Computer that contained all my pictures and data about my work/(study. It was in fact a terrible thing that could happen to someone like me who heavily depend on my computer for whatever I do.

 After spending hours trying to locate the folder on my computer, it dawned on me that the file had indeed been deleted. Not knowing exactly what to do, I headed straight to google search engine and it suggested an app that could help me recover the lost files. I can still vividly recall that the app I used is called recuva. I quickly got it downloaded and installed on my PC and I launched a scan as per the directions. About an hour after the scan, a message popped up saying my deleted files have been recovered.

I felt extremely delighted and thankful to the internet that helped me to solve a crucial problem. Another reason why I was over the moon after the recovery was that the folder contained a huge collection of all the pictures that I have been collecting over the years.

So, this is a time when I searched for useful information on the  internet..

 Teacher’s guide

  • As you know: Discourse markers

  • Over the moon: idiomatic expression - to be extremely excited

  • part and parcel: to be an integral part of something

  • heavily depend on : Put trust in with confidence

  • it dawned on me: something to become 

  • I headed straight: Do something immediately 

  • vividly recall: to remember something rightly and clearly

  • as per : according to

  • popped up : Appear suddenly or unexpectedly

  • extremely delighted : be very happy

  • over the years : During several years

  • came to my rescue:  to help someone out of a bad situation:

아이엘츠 스피킹 Part 3

  • Do you think the information we get from the internet is reliable?

  •  In what ways can people get information these days?

  • What are the difference between getting information from the library and getting information from newspapers?





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