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아이엘츠 스피킹족보 9-12월(2019) (IELTS Speaking) 9. Describe a person you have seen who is beautiful or handsome.

아래 아이엘츠 스피킹족보 9-12월(2019)은 영국 아이엘츠 스피킹 시험관의 첨삭을 거친 답안입니다.
아이엘츠 스피킹 시험에 도움이 많이 되셨으면 댓글 많이 달아주세요^^

아이엘츠 스피킹 Part 2

9. Describe a person you have seen who is beautiful or handsome.

You should say:

Where you saw this person

When you saw this person

What the person looked like

Why you think this person is handsome or beautiful.

This question reminds me of a pretty looking Korean actress/singer called …... I first saw her last year when she appeared on the cast of a popular Korean TV series titled………….

This actress/singer is a perfect example of a pretty woman. She’s about 6 feet tall with elegant physical appearance and pencil-thin eyebrows that are wonderful to look at.  She also has a strong built, charming and is extremely talented as seen in the roles that she takes on. This actress/singer is widely appreciated and adored throughout Korea and beyond for her cute,  attractive body and sexy legs.

I consider ... as a paragon of beauty because of the following reasons. Firstly, the blend of beauty and intelligence makes her stand out among other members of the cast. I also find her ebony-dark hair very natural and attractive to the eyes. Besides that, her soothing voice is the kind of voice that any other lady would crave for. For all these reasons, I think ... is a beautiful lady.

아이엘츠 스피킹 Part 3

  •  Is it easy to become beautiful?

  •  What are the disadvantages of being beautiful?

  •  What do people in your country think of beauty?

  •  Do you think children should learn how to dress well?





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