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아이엘츠 스피킹 최신토픽및 모범답안, IELTS SPEAKING 시험관의 답안 , 놓치지마세요

아이엘츠 스피킹 최신토픽및 모범답안


1. Describe a time you had to wait for something special to happen.

You should say:

When it happened

What it was

What you did

And explain why you had to wait and how you felt about it


◎ IELTS SPEAKING 시험관의 모범답안


Well, having to wait for something is a situation that we cannot avoid in our daily life. So this question reminds me of the time when I had to wait for a friend to arrive at the airport.

A couple of months ago, one of my friends who lives in Japan visited me here in Korea. On the day he was supposed to arrive, I drove to Incheon airport to pick him up. For some reasons, the plane did not  touch down at the right time. After waiting for close to two hours, I started running out of patience. I tried to reach my friend on his mobile phone but couldn't get through to him.

Upon making some inquiries from the airport staff, I was told the flight was delayed for technical reasons.  To kill time, I bought some magazines at the airport shop and drank many cups of tea. In fact it was a nerve-wracking wait.

I had to wait for my friend no matter how long it took for several reasons. First, it was his very first visit to South Korea, so he didn't know anybody else other than me. What’s more, it was a friend I met online and we had never met face-to face before. In the end, his plane landed belatedly and we drove to my flat. So, this is a time when my patience was tested to the limit through waiting for something to happen. 



Part 3.

1. Do you consider yourself a patient person?

2. What does waiting teach us?





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