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[필수토픽] 아이엘츠 스피킹 족보/모범답안, Study/Work

아래 아이엘츠 스피킹 족보/모범답안은 현재 시험에 나오는 토픽입니다.
아이엘츠 스피킹 시험에 도움이 많이 되셨으면 댓글 많이 달아주세요^^

아이엘츠 스피킹 Part 1


  • What subjects are you studying?

  • Why did you choose to do that type of subject)?

  • Do you like your studies?

  • Do you miss being a student?

  • What subjects are you studying?

  • Do you prefer to study in the mornings or afternoons?

  • Are you looking forward to working?

  • Do you like your subject (Why?/Why not?)


  • What work do you do? 

  • How long have you been working?

  • Was it easy to get this job? 

  • Does your job involves traveling

  • Would you like to take a job that involves traveling to other countries?

  • Would you like to work from home in the future?

  • How do you get to your workplace everyday?

  • What can be improved at your work?

  • Would you like to change your job in the near future?

  • What responsibilities do you have at work

  • How long will you continue to do this type of work?

  • What do you do in a typical day at work?

  • How much time do you spend at your job?





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